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Advancement Resources

Scout Rank Requirement 6a

Five exercises scanned from the Scout Handbook Parent’s Guide insert. These are needed to fulfill Scout rank requirement 6a. Click here to download. Note that you will have to redo the same five exercises in order to reach Star Scout.

Requisito de Rango Scout 6a

El folleto para padres ayuda a cumplir el requisito de rango Scout 6a.

Weather Resources

Guest speaker Mark Smith’s favorite weather resources, and links to his fascinating Amelia Earhart work.

Junior Leader Training Videos

Second Class #7c – Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol

Three Videos for 2nd Class First Aid (from YouTube)

1. Show what to do for “hurry” case of stopped breathing.
2. Show what to do for “hurry” case of stroke.
3. Show what to do for “hurry” case of severe bleeding.

Video for 1st Class 6d – Positioning in a Watercraft

[Click here] 6d. Describe proper body positioning in a watercraft, depending on the type and size of the vessel. Explain the importance of proper body position in the boat.

Video Conference – 1st Class Constitutional Rights and Obligations