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Weather Resources

Special guest speaker Mark Smith, owner of of O7 Films, helped us understand weather planning while telling us about his stories participating in the search for Amelia Earhart’s lost plane. Mark sent us an email with the following resources as a follow-up to his presentation:

My all time favorite weather info is:

  • it can be big picture, localized and can reveal aspects of weather that many sites ignore, cloud cover, precip, wind velocity& direction, snow cover etc. also offers an app for your smartphone.
  • this site is a little nerdy so there is a learning curve BUT if you are near a major airport and want to know when the wind, temperature or precipitation is going to start stop or shift in the near term the info is usually spot on. Times are all UTC FORMAT so there is some mental math required to adjust to local times.
  • Since I’ve been shooting whales just outside Nyc harbor, marine forecast from is a fave.

For more information about TIGHAR’s search for Amelia Earhart, here are a few resources:

TIGHAR channel on YouTube. There are 54 videos there
Quite a few deal with aspects of the Earhart project, or are excerpts from Discovery programs

TIGHAR’s website also has a well-organize list of resources to find more information, including a “Project in a Nutshell” page that has a great overview and a map.