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Dates and Calendars

Five calendars for download:

Summary list of camping trips for 2021-22 (Rev 09/15/21)

Fri Sep 24 Joint camping trip with Pack 146 and Pack 18
Sat Oct 9 Camping and kayaking in Wharton State Park NJ
Fri Nov 5 COPE Course - Camp at Lewis Lean-To
Fri Dec 17 Venture Patrol Hike - Camp at Lewis Lean-To
Sat Jan 22 Klondike Derby Day Hike at Jockey Hollow
Fri Feb 11 Shooting: Rifle and Shotgun
Fri Mar 11 Scout Ski Weekend at Shawnee Mountain
Fri Apr 29 Tour Washington DC - Camp in Virginia
Fri May 13 Whitewater Rafting - Camp at Luizzi's
Sat Jun 18 Backpacking, location TBD
----- Summer -----
Jul 10-16 Summer camp at Camp Turrell  (Camp week #2)
Jul 17-23 Summer camp at Camp Turrell  (Camp week #3)
Aug 18-24 Venture Trek to Scout Sea Base