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Cub Scout Helps Dad with First Aid Learned at Boy Scout Meeting

Scouts work on first aid
Hoboken Troop 146 hosts visiting Arrow of Light cubs from Pack 146 and Pack 18 on a regular basis so they can fulfill Scouting Adventure requirement 2, “visit a troop meeting”. The Cubs work with the Scouts and learn the same skills when they visit. Recently, that included first aid bandages. That’s a good thing for Cub Dad John K. in Hoboken, who shared the letter below with Scoutmaster Norman Kasser.

Last week I tripped and fell hard on Washington Street.  The fall was bad. I believe my elbow popped out when my hand hit the sidewalk. So I hurt my elbow, sprained both wrists, bruised a rib and scraped both knees.

It was evening and when we got back home. My arm was swollen and I was in a lot of pain. I looked for a sling I used a few years ago and that was not helping the increasing swelling.

My son Michael came to me and said he could make me a sling for my arm.  He just needed a long sleeve shirt of mine. I told him where to go and he went to work to carefully bring it under and around my bad arm and then tied it off around my neck. He then made adjustments so it was at a comfortable height and supported the arm.

It worked and that also saved me a few dollars on buying a new sling.  I was impressed by his quickness to help and how well he made me comfortable. I asked where he learned that trick and he proudly said ‘Scouts’.

Thank you for leading the troop and our boys to becoming better people and learning things I would never think of.

Well done Michael!

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