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NoBe Everywhere

13 scouts recently attended virtual summer camp at NoBe Everywhere. We won the Honor Troop Award! Below is a skit they performed for the closing campfire.

Movie Making Merit Badge

Twenty-two scouts recently earned their Movie Making Merit Badges from home during zoom meetings. They listened to multiple guest speakers from the movie making industry and created the short film “Threat Level Boy Scout”.

Personal Fitness Merit Badge

Several scouts continue to work towards earning the Personal Fitness Merit Badge. This involves exercising every day for three months with regular check-ins.

First Aid

Scouts practiced first aid at a weekly meeting while preparing for the First Aid Rally. They learned how to safely secure an injured person to a stretcher.

Fun Hike!

While camping at Camp Glen Gray, several scouts went on a fun hike. They climbed rocks, joked around, and had a great time.

Sandy Hook

13 scouts went on a camping trip at Sandy Hook. While there, they earned requirements for the Oceanography Merit Badge.


One of the many fun activities the scouts pariticipate in are skits that are funny, sad, or somewhere in between. The video below, “Dr. Nutterbutter’s Opposite Machine”, is a Troop 146 original skit.

Axe Throwing

Scouts competed in a axe throwing competition while at Camp Turrell. A scout from our troop won the Tomahawk Bullseye award.

Weather Resources

Special guest speaker Mark Smith, owner of of O7 Films, helped us understand weather planning while telling us about his stories participating in the search for Amelia Earhart’s lost plane. Mark sent us an email with the following resources as a follow-up to his presentation: My all time favorite weather info is: it can […]